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Your South Carolina adventure starts here.

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20 to 21

Pageland Watermelon Festival

Enjoy live music, delicious food, a car show, fireworks, a parade and more at the Pageland Watermelon Festival in Pageland, South Carolina. This is one festival you won’t want to miss!

How It's Done: Peach Cobbler

Find out why the South Carolina Peach Council refers to South Carolina as “The Tastier Peach State” when you make this classic Southern peach cobbler dish with locally sourced peaches.

Love to Dance the Shag? Here’s Where to Go

Discover some of the best places to go in South Carolina to dance the shag, as well as information on various shag events happening throughout the year. You can even find shag instructors if you’ve never done the dance.

Read More

Get Your Free 2018 Vacation Guide

Download your free guide, get the official app or request a copy by mail below, and start planning your one-of-a-kind South Carolina vacation.... Read More

Satisfy Your Thirst Tour

From moonshine and craft beer to sweet tea, discover the history, craftsmanship and unique stories behind South Carolina’s beverages.... Read More

Fishing In South Carolina

From the freshwater streams and rivers of the Upstate to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina offers a unique fishing experience.... Read More

South Carolina Golf Getaway

From the mountains of the Upstate to the marshlands of the Lowcountry, you're never far from a great round of... Read More

Weekends at Santee State Park

From kayaking through the flooded cypress forest to fishing for catfish, Santee State Park is an outdoor enthusiast's... Read More

Class of 2018

From where they like to eat to how they like to cook, South Carolina’s Chef Ambassadors share their cooking talents. Get to know chefs, along with their restaurants, as you make your way through South Carolina’s culinary landscape.

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